Senin, 29 Juni 2009

Minister Andrei Fursenko: high result of Kalmykia in UNE in mathematics is due to a good chess school

The Minister of Education and Science of the of Russia Andrei Fursenko told the State Duma speaking within the "government hour" about the screen set for the textbooks of poor quality and that in the course of moving to a new system of remuneration the teachers' salary exceeded the average wage in the industry.
Minister Andrei Fursenko said that the experiment of eight years showed the effectiveness of UNE, for its introduction to the standard treatment all necessary conditions are created and the Minister is persuaded of the full legitimacy of UNE.
He also noted that UNE questions are easy, there are nothing complex issues, but some teachers claim that they do not want to change anything in their work and they are afraid of an objective assessment. As the Minister considers, the myths about UNE are based on unfair distortion of facts.
The excess of UNE average score in mathematics in Kalmykia, Fursenko explained by the general passion for chess in this Republic. "We should strictly follow the chosen path", - the Minister considers.

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